Welcome to Gourmet Restaurant

Our chefs have specialized in preparing Pakistani food for many years and we are very often complimented by our customers on the excellence of our cuisine.

Indulge in mouthwatering Pakistani meat and rice dishes served with large chunks of chicken, mutton or vegetable steeped in colourful basmati rice.Dig into delicious chicken and lamb kebabs and excellent.For fresh flavoursome curries and kebabs, delicious dal and hot doughy fresh bread.

“Gourmet “excellent food.

House of best Asian food .Where you find your desired food with excellent taste. All dishes cooked in pure traditional spices with their original recipes.


Fast pace and change of life style directly proportions change in eating habits. Gourmet stands by to cater to these changing needs from its extended range of items ready to be served.

Philosophy of brand “Gourmet”

The core Idea behind Gourmet’s Philosophy is to provide quality food and unparalleled service matching an economic level. Gourmet made an unflinching point to not break the rule of affordability considering market inflation over the years.

GOURMET’s ideal was standpoint higher than any crises .The firm belief that Allah Almighty is the sustainer and provider meant to him, to hone his sense of sincerity and integrity, to imbibe it in his venture’s code of conduct.

It is for this very reason that Gourmet firm (Restaurant & Food supply Co.) have foreseen great growth in food industry after their huge commercial success. Plan of growth does not mean reshaping those ideals that are to remain a crux for years to come.

Today Gourmet restaurant provide the required range of food and quality of services for a unique and commercial experience befitting the joy and celebrating togetherness.



Our Services

Gourmet have experienced team working under the highly qualified Chef, who has vast experience of 35 years in food service industry including restaurant, Banquets, Outdoor Catering , labor and airline catering services.


  • Dine inn
  • Outdoor catering
  • Catering to labor Camps  
  • Food Festivals
  • Banquets